PosiTracker is reasonably priced - Our average customer spends less than $5 per month!

We sell credits at about 5 cents each. When you sign up, you'll get 100 free credits to help get you started.

You spend credits on various site features:

  • Each domain you track costs you 5 credits per month, or about 25 cents
  • Each keyphrase you track is 10 credits per month, or about 50 cents
  • Manual "on demand" scans are 1 credit each

    • Credits can also be purchased in bulk for further savings. Here's our current credits pricing:

      • 200 credits — $9.95
      • 500 credits — $19.95 (save $4.92)
      • 1,000 credits — $34.95 (save $14.80)
      • 5,000 credits — $149.95 (save $98.80)
      • 10,000 credits — $290.00 (save $207.50)

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PosiTracker is the best keyword position monitoring tool on the market. It saves hours a month that would have been otherwise spent tracking various metrics. Best of all, it allows you to see what SEO techniques are truly effective, as you can view your historical ranks and see what changes worked and what didn't.
Anthony Mangia,